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Nonetheless, I'll mention it on the very small chance that you'll try it out. It's the paleo diet. The high quality protein, and the lack of inflammatory foods, in the diet, make healing go somewhat faster, and have a variety of other benefits for middle aged people.
I am a vegetarian. So, no, I'm not going to switch to a diet revolving around fish and meat.

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You probably already considered it - but for the small possibility you haven't: would it be feasible to hire a cheap, aspiring artist (ideally someone who loves the comic and wants to help you) to draw until your thumb is healed? He would get recognition - having drawn for one of the bigger webcomics surely is a good reference for artists - and you could continue the story, which you probably already have outlined in your head anyway.
First, this runs into the problems with having an art assistant. Second, people didn't pay into the Kickstarter for someone else's work, and I think it would be poorly received overall. And third, while doing more work is a goal, it is not a goal at the expense of handing control of half of my comic over to someone else. And fourth...

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Do you if this is going to be a permanent concern? Was the injury to your thumb so bad that your drawing abillity is permanently limited?
Yes. The injury is effectively permanent at this point. I have already been discharged from physical therapy, which means that the therapist doesn't think it's going to get any better than it is now. Is it possible that new nerves can grow in the tip, or that scarring will break down? Yes. Have I been told that it may take years, or may never happen? Also yes. I am no longer waiting for my thumb to heal; I am now learning how to draw with a permanent injury. Thus, anything that shifts the burden of that art to someone else will actually DELAY the day when I have mastered my hand's new (limited) capabilities.

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*Does a quick google*

If Rich is not seeing a licensed physical therapist, would he be willing to if one could be made available? 'Cause I'm thinking this is the sort of thing that can't be done over the internet or something that can be done on one's own using self-googled resources. It would require a real therapist who can actually come in and see exactly how Rich holds his thumb and does his work.
Yes, I have already seen a physical therapist. Extensively. But hey, thanks for googling the problem, that never occurred to me in the seven months that this has been the primary concern of my entire life.

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If it is, I'm sure you've considered it before Rich but have you tried training your left hand to be as good as your right? That may soothe the pain.
Do you really think I didn't try this back when my right hand was in a cast for weeks? I can't even write my name with my left hand. Right now, I think the time would be better spent learning to work around my right thumb.


We are getting to the point where suggestions, well-intentioned though they may be, are either repetitive or borderline insulting, in that they assume that I haven't spent any time trying to solve the central problems of my own life. There is no five minute solution to this problem. This has been thought about and researched and studied by myself, my wife, two physical therapists, a hand surgeon, and my regular doctor. I am already doing all of the things that we came up with. Unless you are privy to something not easily available to the general public, chances are your quick idea has already been tried, or considered and rejected.