Two die stunts for everyone! Diemut got one additional success, everyone else got blanks.

Heissa's bolt of superheated steam flies straight for the leader, but he doesn't even bother to dodge. The steam washes over him and when it clears, the bruise Nyklis gave him is gone.

Nyklis' swing connects, sending a warrior stumbling backwards. He lurches drunkenly as he falls back, clutching his head. Diemut's opponents are not so lucky. She slashes open another warrior, leaving him lying upon the ground bleeding from shoulder to hip.

The warriors close in around the three Stonebearers. The leader shouts at the others, orders by the tone of his words and the attitude of his body language. They attack as a group, hacking and stabbing, closing off all paths to escape.


Three warriors are taking blockade movement actions to keep you from attempting to run away, which should cover all the directions. Thark is attempting to set up a coordinated attack The rest are just going to try to pound you flat.


Attacks on Nyklis:

Attacks on Heissa:

Attacks on Diemut:

Tick 5: Heissa
Tick 8: Nyklis
Tick 9: Thark, Diemut, Greenskins
Tick 10: Heissa
Tick 11: Rolf
Tick 13: Nyklis
Tick 14: Thark, Greenskins, Diemut