Unfortunately, this attack is a bit more precise than the previous one. Fortunately, Diemut and her spear are getting close. I retreat so that her whirling strikes will provide me with some cover, and attempt to deflect the attack into one of the growths with my club.

Then I hear Heissa shout. Even with my situation as bad as it is, I think she deserves a response.

"Probably not a Stonebearer! I think he's got some elemental blood!

Anyway, get him! He's coordinating his soldiers, it'll be bad for us if he gets them organized properly!"

With that, I put my own advice into action. I charge directly through the burning mist, confident that he won't be expecting such a reckless attack. As I do so I draw upon my Stone to fill my mind with pain-erasing clarity.

Then I run up a crystal growth and jump at the greenskin, aiming to smash his skull in with an overhead swing.

Not really my usual style, but hey. Desperate times.

I'll spend the motes I recovered from my stunt on my Excellency, and I'll spend a willpower for a success. I'm using a Fierce Blow called shot for +3B damage. The wp and the called shot penalty should cancel each other out.