Diemut couldn't hold back a snort as Nyklis ducks by the whirling soulsteel. "Well, at least he did it right," said the slick-haired under her breath. If he had run into it... Choosing to focus on the now, rather than the guilt Diemut changed her attack pattern again.

The stonebearer stopped turning about, though Sigmund's Legacy did not. As it spun over her shoulders and in her hands, Diemut began to step from side-to-side. Almost bouncing between the crystal shards, the shaft of black metal made a different kind of circle. At least until Diemut turned and lunged at 'Thork', thrusting the spear-tip through the steam. If I'm lucky, he'll have a harder time spotting the attack.
"You will leave my friends alone!"

Since I haven't (and can't) spend motes on attacks, I'm going to do something I have rarely seen in Exalted.
I'm using my stunts to recover willpower.

Which I'll be spending to increase my ability to hit 'Greenskin Leader'.
(11d10)[9][9][10][9][7][2][9][10][5][9][1](80) + stunts