Two stunt dice for everyone! Sadly, this isn't enough for Nyklis to dodge the attack. Nyklis still gets clipped by a club, and no armor and a very lucky damage roll ends with him taking six levels of bashing damage. With the one level of damage he already took, I think that drops him to Incapacitated.

From stunt dice, Rolf nabs an extra success and Diemut gets another two successes.

Nyklis doesn't manage to duck quite fast enough and a solid blow to the head leaves the Glass Knife on the ground unconscious.

Rolf's shot punches through one greenskin's armor, leaving him with an arrowhead protruding from beneath his shoulder blade.

Diemut stabs forward through the blistering steam cloud surrounding the leader, the heat burning any exposed skin, but her armor saves her from the worst of it. Sigmund's Legacy pierces through the greenskin warrior's armor like it was tissue paper and punches a hole straight through his heart. The warrior lashes out as he dies, his reflexes keeping his own spear thrust on target despite his mortal injuries.

With Rolf's sudden attack from behind and their leader's death, the other warriors retreat, some bodily hauling the wounded away and into the surrounding fog.


Diemut got 10 successes on her damage roll (on 13 dice). It would have been 14, but 10s only count for one success on damage. My dice are kill happy tonight.

Diemut took one level of lethal damage from the steam cloud. Thark's last attack on Diemut: (10d10)[1][6][3][9][5][4][5][4][1][1](39).

Tick 10: Heissa
Tick 11: Rolf
Tick 14: Thark, Greenskins, Diemut
Tick 17: Rolf
Tick 19: Diemut
Since Heissa didn't opt for a dice action on her last tick, she can take her next action on whatever tick she wants.

The warriors are again running away. You can pursue them if you'd like, otherwise feel free to drop out of combat time.