So those who want to read my brothers reaction to the episode.


Brother: *raises fist into the air during the talk of baby Ned* That is going to be awesome. I cannot wait for them to win the war and toss Joffrey out a window. *turns to me* They win right?
Me: It's a long road left to go. And it's not the way you'd suspect, but Robb is my king.
Brother: *big grin*
[The guy closes the door]
Brother: Who's that?
[Music starts to play]
Brother: Heh cool they're playing... Wait. That's Tywin's song.
Me: Yep.
Brother: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
[Walder's speech]
Brother: What are you doing, you sick f**k
[Roose is shown to have armor]
Brother: Yes, thank you. At least someone---
[Cat slaps Roose]
Brother: No, not him too.
Me: *trying hard not to smirk*
[Stabbing of Talisa]
Brother: NO! *jumps off of couch and has his hands in his hair as he starts to pace* You f***ers!
Brother: FIGHT HIM LIKE MEN!*he sits back down and starts rocking in his seat with his hands over his mouth*
[Scene with Arya and Grey Wind]
Brother: Do it, release the wolf! NO! STOP KILLING EVERYTHING!
[Robb holds his dead wife]
Brother: I'm gonna kill them all.
[Cat's ultimatum]
Brother: *whispering* No, he doesn't care about his wife. No, no, no.
[The Lannister's send their regards]
Brother: GOD DAMN IT!
[Ending scene]
*we sit in silence while the credits play*
Brother: You knew!
Me: Yep.
Brother: You told me this episode Robb would be a badass
Me: Hehehe
Brother: F**k you!
Me: *gloating evil laugh*
Brother: No really, f**k you! Who's gonna... F**k the Lannisters! All of them. I don't care if Tyrion dies so long as that house is completely f**king wiped out!
Me: *I put my hand on his shoulder* Now you're thinking like a Westerosi.

[About 20 minutes later, my brother finds this as his laptop background]

Brother: GOD DAMN IT F**K YOU JACK**!!!!

I greatly enjoyed myself.