Melody's Island

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"Sorry." Reinholdt feels terrible about those. But wonders if just stepping fully there wouldn't just be worse. He'd take his shoes off, but this isn't a nice floor where that could be recommended. So he does as instructed, watching Melody's reaction to make sure it's not too much.
Dance dance.
Before he even gets his feet on hers, she frowns. Take your shoes off, please. She wiggles her blue toes, not wishing them to be shoe crushed.

[Melody's Island- Mermaid Cove]

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Derek was following her into the water when she turns to run from the ocean. When she starts to tumble he will step forward to try and catch her before she falls. If she is really off balance there is a chance she will just end up pulling him down with her. Or maybe his exellent balance will help hold them both up. He seems unafraid of the cold waves rolling up onto shore.
I see them both falling, as she is completely off balance, and the fall into him has a high chance of turning into a tackle as she tries to catch herself on him.