Provided you were answering to my post (not sure), a few comments:

First of all, I said ADAPT, not ADOPT, the incantation rules. Take inspiration from them but apply them to regular spells, in a way that all but the less trivial spells cannot be taken for granted anymore. This should not be an upgrade, but a nerf.

One consequence of this change is how magical services and items are priced. I mean, by simple market law restricting availability to spells makes prices rise, so that enchantments become prohibitively expensive (or outright out of reach) real fast, because you have to factor in the increased costs (adventuring expedition, loads of skilled workers, time spent) to pass the necessary checks.

As someone already mentioned, E6 is another way to tone down things to a more gritty level of play. You can even combine the two systems. In fact, they go great together. And anything you might want to add after that can be achieved with home brewed feats.