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    Quote Originally Posted by afroakuma View Post
    Telegram for Mr. U. Gudenk

    Mr. U. Gudenk
    The Writhing Realm

    Dear Mr. Gudenk

    It has come to my attention that you are an infinitely long wormlike creature with a fondness for squirming, devouring large things and providing self-insurance policies against return invitations to social functions. As I myself am a great fan of things that squirm and giving polite society the bird, I felt that we share a great deal in common and would get along famously.

    I write to you today because I have recently come into possession of a most marvelous my own divine form and freedom from that accursed obelisk. The transaction that yielded this splendid find came complete with a large tract of land in wherever the hell I please, no force on Oerth can stop me now muahahahahaha. I would like to invite you to be my guest at this new estate, from which you and I can take in the sights of thousands of pathetic mortals screaming in terror as the world they knew is devoured and replaced by an empty apocalyptic wasteland filled with undead monstrosities fueled by alien worms.

    Enclosed is a train ticket should you wish to take me up on my offer. Be at gate 31, Right Next To You Station at precisely Oh How About Now.

    Cordially yours,
    Age of Worms
    This is beautiful. Sigged.
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