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Ooh, Giant, since you're here anyway, I'd been wanting to ask: you have seem to become more direct in taking a stance on morality and making other points in-comic - to be honest, it sometimes feels like you're talking through the characters directly to the audience and not primarily to the other characters. Is this an intentional change in writing, or am I just reading too much into it?
At a certain point, when you're pushing 40 and have spent one-quarter of your life drawing a stick figure comic about D&D, you start to ask yourself whether what you are doing is really important and what impact, if any, your work will have on the world beyond momentary distractions.

Or maybe it's just that at a certain level of success, you stop worrying about whether a public stance you take on something that actually matters to you might alienate readers because there are things that are more important than sales numbers.

Probably a mixture of the two.