Well, the opening caught me off guard - the thing about buying an other regiment of axemen, is that from some computer game? I don't get it

However, I think the comic overall is very good. The art work is a really good mixture of comedic/cutesy with just awesome - the top panel on page 3 made me look again...and again...and again. Just brilliant.

The cutesy speak is ok for me, I think there's some mileage in that. Plus the whole real life parallels thing (like IM book) reminds me of a remake of Dracula I went to see at the theatre last year that used picture messaging and email to make up for lack of a million sets on stage, which I thouhgt was very cool.

I'm not a "marks out of ten" kinda guy, so I'll just say "keep 'em coming please" and look forward to enjoying the advancement of the plot and wonderful art.

Thanks guys Or perhaps more correctly thog like pretty pictures and words!