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Thread: Blowing up Erfworld

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    Default Blowing up Erfworld

    This is an idea I talked about with Jamie. I hate how much we have to shrink and artifact Jamie's art to make it into a webcomic, and also how much of it I have to block out with text when I am lettering.

    So every week or so, we'll put up the art from a single recent panel, blown up to a larger size and without speech balloons. This way, the artists among you can get a closer look at Jamie's technique, and everyone can get a better feel for the world and what it will look like when it's eventually in printed form.

    Our first pretty picture is from Page 5, the interior of Stanley's office. Note the tiny pigeons.

    800 pixels wide 1200 pixels wide

    Also (pasted from later in the thread) Panel 1, page 3...dwagon flying overhead.

    800px wide 1200px wide

    Here are some more requested blowups.

    the "heavies" group: 800px wide 1200px wide
    "when life gives you crap": 800px wide 1200px wide
    Jillian's capture: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Parson in front of Kinkos: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Wanda stepping through portal: 320px wide 640px wide
    Parson's apartment: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Jillian reporting her kills: 320px wide 640px wide
    Vinnie Doombats: 320px wide 640px wide

    New batch for March, all by request:

    PLOT!: 320px wide 640px wide
    OMGWTFBBQ: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Dwagons around the tower: 640px wide
    Tunnel fight: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Ansom's column advancing: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Ansom fighting uncroaked infantry: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Uncroaked warlord lineup: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Wanda's quarters: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Wanda in her torture gear: 800px wide
    Stanley invoking the Arkenhammer: 640px wide
    Stanley, stunned at the stupidity: 640px wide
    Stanley, annoyed (ears!): 640px wide
    Call me "Mistress": 640px wide
    Sir Webinar - My life for Jetstone!: 640px wide
    What makes you think we're the bad guys?: 640px wide
    There is no "Good" or "Evil", smart guy: 640px wide

    Ansom's tactical map from page 56:
    800px wide 1200px wide

    New batch for July:

    From Page 1, the Titans of Ark building Erfworld: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Ansom eyes his tool with consternation: 640px wide
    Night at the Tower of Efdup: 640px wide
    Inside Parson's quarters, with the Megalogwiffon trophy head: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Bogroll outfitting Parson's new armor: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Jillian in shock. There is a story behind the art in these two panels: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Wanda resizes her eyebook - casual fashion or just a nice downblouse view?: 640px wide
    Parson arrives for a breakfast meeting with his new boss: 640px wide
    Parson thinks about psychology: 640px wide
    Ansom strikes a pose with some of his flying units: 640px wide
    Wanda and Jillian share a moment in the air: 640px wide
    A big green dwagon, and two pairs of feet: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Wanda and Parson in the library: 640px wide
    Wanda instructing Parson: 640px wide
    Jillian by the fire, from the sonnet page: 640px wide
    Dwagons in the trees in the dud ambush, from the sonnet page: 640px wide
    Wanda sleeping, from the sonnet page: 640px wide
    Misty in her nightgown:700px wide
    "Good morning, Great Tool of the Titans": 640px wide
    Na na na na na na na na na! Bat Snack!: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Vinny has the high ground, and knows it: 640px wide
    Ansom with some of his commanders: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Leeroy leads the column raid: 640px wide
    The column raid, inbound: 640px wide
    Nom nom nom: 640px wide
    Dwagons pwnz0r bears: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Siege tower flambé, with roast Marbits: 640px wide
    Archons, sweet and smarmy: 640px wide
    "Calm down, you gummy beasts.": 640px wide
    Jillian prepares to bring her conversation with Webinar to the point: 640px wide
    Sizemore proves it is possible to be creative in any job: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Ansom listens to his bad options: 640px wide
    The stunt jump. Do not try this at home: 800px wide 1200px wide
    Straddle the line, can't make up my mind, I'm on the hunt I'm after you: 640px wide

    You may feel free to distribute and alter these images for noncommercial purposes, if you attribute the source.

    And now, the special bonus section. Icons! Gank away.

    And the animated one. I worked hard on this one:
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