I voted that I like the humor, plot and art style, and that I'll keep reading (although perhaps not as regularly as OOTS)

I've not commented on the childish qualities of the script. Why? Two reasons.

First, my initial thought when I read it was Monty Python - "welease Woger!!!" I have a feeling that the childishness of it will ultimately contribute to the story.

Second - people, we are here to read a comic about stick figures, for goodness sake!!! Hello!?!? Pots and kettles!

As I said earlier, I probably won't check for updates as regularly as I do for OOTS - not because I necessarily like it less (they are very different comics), but because my impression so far is that the extended story arc will be better to read in large sittings, rather than individual strips.

Overall, I'm enjoying it so far.