I like what I've seen so far, but...

Well, lets start with the good points: The artwork is ok - I don't necessarly like the style at present, but I think that I will get used to it. The dialogue is well thought out and rings true (how many bosses fail to understand the underlying technical foundations, yet think they know all). There is enough humour there to start with.

(And I really liked the notebook, and I am not particularly fussed about the "babytalk" as most of the dialogue is fairly clear)

The weak point, however, is that what we are getting is essentially a single page (or possibly two) of a print comic every few days. This makes it quite frustrating to read. OOTS scores well here because - even though there is a long storyline - each strip usually stands well on its own. With Erfworld I think it will feel like I am being drip-fed the occasional page.

Perhaps this would be better as a once-a-week update, with several pages in each update (I am showing my age and nationality here - I grew up on weekly comics).

However, we've only had 6 pages so far. That's not really long enough for me to make any meaningful decision. I'm going to keep reading, after all, there is plenty of potential here.