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Um. You're comparing two completely different things; there's nothing childish about the OOTS style of drawing.
You're saying this about a comic that told the story of creation using crayons?

The childish humour of Erfworld, by contrast, is intrusive; evidently some people like it and some don't, but either way, you can't ignore it.
I did. I didn't notice the "dwagon" until it was pointed out to me and I still don't see what the fuss is about. What difference does it make if the occasional w is present? I can't possible see how this "childlike" substitution of letters constitutes either a certain type of humour or detracts from the overall humour of the strip.

Tell me, are there really people that can't/won't get a joke when the word is not spelt "correctly"? I can't understand that at all.