Hm, it seems to have potential but I'm still waiting for something. Just, something that entertains me as much as OotS has.

Personally, I don't mind the "Dwagons" and "Twolls" but the "Smchuckers" part kind of made me lose interest. May just be me, but I don't think the dialogue mixes with the 'mature' style of art with the Croakamancer lady and the arrow in Lord Manpower's eye.

I'm very interested in seeing an addition to the site, it would be nice to have a new update each day with them rotating in and out. Its definitely got potential, but we'll just have to wait and see if it goes the distance.

Also, the comics could be a bit longer. I probably breezed through those six shorts faster then the Redemption of Cliffport. Although I understand the artwork must take forever, making it take a while to construct a comic, but it needs to be decently long to compare to the OotS comic strips.