...you're kidding?

1/2 the undead in MMIII have Unholy Toughness, I think they called it.

1/2 the non undead have wiped out entire well rested parties levels ABOVE the monster. MMIII has ended several champaigns at my table with a simple random encounter. I trust it not.

That said, some of the monsters I do like: warfoged (all three) have good flavour and are balanced, the walking plant garden things (i forget) again have nice flavour and versitility. Goatfolk, Armen (i think), the 'fists of adimantine sonic guys from the elemental place of earth', all good. SOme of the side bars are sooo cool for a DM.

The undead, the templates, and the new dragons (i think that was MMIII, could have been Draconium, may well have been both) ar unbalanced and should be reworked. Hell, why do we need yet another type of undead/dragon on top of all the rest?

Hey, I like the template you're presenting here, just it needs to be balanced a little: add a little more LA and CR, or scale back a few bonuses. Or even add negs for hot climets...