I'm decidedly blah on it. Or rather:

The absurdist feel of the first page - Elvises as Titans, and the one gem that changed everything? - Loved.

The oddball bits to the humor, like, "Every fifth or sixth walnut turns into a pigeon"? Likewise, love.

The cutesy trying-too-hard humor? Kill it with fire. Dwagons and croakomancers, begone.

The artwork? Not a fan. It doesn't seem to have any internal consistency so my eyes kind of glaze over it.

Story elements? Could be promising.

Gags about text messaging in a book? Not my cuppa, at all.

Overall impression: it seems forced. If it were a random site I stumbled across, I'd click away without bookmarking. Since it's here, I'll probably check it out again some time when OotS is late or what have you, and if the bad outweighs the good that time, I won't go back.