I rather like it, although I agree with some that it's a bit difficult to be absolutely sure; I takes a bit of time to get used to a new setting when you're a OOTS fan. Like many others I'll wait and give the story some time to unfurl.

On the positive side I must say that I really like the humourous twist to the normal RPG-language. Some roleplayers that I have known over the years have had that habit of taking themselves and the rules much too seriously. This is not in the spirit of the game if you ask me. Roleplaying is supposed to be fun, and you shouldn't too serious about it. At least not all the time. Everything needs to be poked fun at from time to time, and the twisting of the language - that some of the people, who don't like Erfworld, seems to take offense of - was the first thing that really made me look and read it again. To me at least, that's the main reason that I kept reading it - and will keep reading it in the near future.

Short comments :
- The dialogue is good. Lots of dry intelligent wit and underplayed humour, which I like. Keep it up.

- The artwork is also good. Clean lines and nice crisp colours. Makes me think of classics like Bone and Cerebus (although both b/w) and web-comics Toysville and Wally & Osborne. It doesn't seem at all like manga to me, as some has mentioned. One of the main reasons : small eyes.

- The plot. Hmmm, not much of a plot up till now. We are just getting to know the characters for the moment, so I'll just wait and see. But it could get very interesting.

Signing off.