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One thing I'll ask is why not give shield specialization along with the +1 bab feats? Its an annoying feat tax that really doesn't do anything.
Mmm. I'll add it to the list of deletes, I think-- the free feats are for things that shouldn't require a feat, rather than those that don't really add anything. But good catch.

Also instead of removing the feats like acrobatic stealthy etc, I found a page on minmax that edits them to make it useful, I'll post the link in a bit in case you're interested.
Ehh... those look nice, but I don't really feel like it's worth it somehow. I'd rather not add a huge list of new skills...

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1: The Site which must not be named lists Celerity as being on Bards, Sorcerers, and Wizard (and by extension, ranger and paladin) spell lists. Changing it to Bard and paladin would grant them their power without giving goodies to Sorc/Mage?. Ranger would be included if your ranger had casting
The class rewrites have all the power they need, and the Celerity line isn't good for anyone.

2: No Defensive casting hurts bard and paladin.
Whoops, didn't think of that. My bad.