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    On first impressions, I can't say that it really 'does it' for me. The art has its moments, but it's not always clear what's going on. Without reading a load of other threads in this forum and thus not knowing how the art is produced, it almost looks like a mix of cel-rendered 3D character models over painted backgrounds - a good idea, and the actual character design seems solid (the girls in particular have a good overall style to them), but the characters seem to lack definition in the final product and the viewing angles aren't always intuitive.

    The story and setting have some good touches - I particularly like the X-mancers as infuriatingly amusing puns - but I'm finding that it doesn't keep my interest, and some characters (Stanley - is he meant to look like Eminem, by the way? I'm presuming the reference is to 'Stan') annoy me more than intrigue me.

    The one thing I really dislike, though, is the choice of font for the speech balloons. It's distractingly unclear and just doesn't flow well.

    Overall, it scores a 'meh' so far. I'd like to like it, and I think it has potential, but at the moment it isn't pushing the buttons.
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