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    Hey, Aliquid, can you please do something with me? DELETED Please read aloud with me, the title of this thread. Ready?

    "What do you think of Erfworld after reading the first few pages?"

    DELETED Now, please explain how you feel justified in showing disdain for those of us who shared our thoughts, but felt that it sucked? The question was given, many answered, yet you felt the need to be antagonistic? Is there any particular reason for this? DELETED

    Voice of Mod: Couching personal attacks in the form of "questions" is still flaming.

    EDIT> In the future I will endeavour to not let myself become baited by other's veiled attacks ('huge egos', 'arrogant' (where I come from, telling someone they have a huge ego, or that they are arrogant is considered offensive)) and keep to the topic at hand. As an aside, it's good to see the red letters are back :) <EDIT
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