A turn based game with fog of war implemented. Leader units are necessary to be able to control/move the cannon fodder large groups of troops under them.

But how is the game won? By collecting the majority of Arkentools hidden across the map (in which case yet unseen scouting parties could really turn the game), or is it just player elimination?

And in the fashion of TRON, is Lord Stanley "The Player" (an immature child playing the computer), while the other characters are all automans living withing the world of the program? If so, it could make the world interesting since character development between Leaders wouldn't be tossed away when someone dies. They'd just come back next game again. (Or if it's anything like Master of Orion 2, there's such a small pool of leaders they just keep getting recycled)

Lord Stanley appears to be a turtler. He's maxed out his tech ability to buy the most expensive units (dwagons) and is questing for the most expensive artifacts.

Questions still unexplored:

Is there a command point limit system? Did losing cities reduce the number of command points for Stanley's army? What good are cities at all? (It does appear, like Age of Mythology, that losing your last city does lose the game.)

How hard is it to capture cities? Is it possible for Stanley to do an end run with fast scouts and claim a bunch of cities back (common enough in most games)?

How do turns work? Is it simutaneous turns, or is it day for one side while night for the other --meaning units would be attacked in the dark and no one would ever know if they will wake up the next morning or not.

Would the "best leader possible" be from this same game, or since he's gone wonky on the support contract, might it be pulled from any game at all on the harddrive? Could the Hive Mind from Starship Troopers be pulled, or any of the Civ4 personalities? (In which case Napoleon wins every time.)