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    I guess one of the things I'm concerned about is whether or not he actually comes across as a robot cyborg policeman. From the trailers and other promotional material, he just feels like a regular old cop in power armor. It's the exposed hand, I think. If they can really make him feel like a robot, then maybe I'll warm up to it. It's definitely encouraging to hear they used the same theme song, and have plenty of scenes of him doing cop stuff. Those were some of my favorite scenes in the original.
    I was worried about that exact thing. The trailers made me think it was just some guy in a suit, hanging out, being a cyborg. That's a large part of what I meant by the trailers being deceiving. I was pleased with how they handled it. He did feel like a robot.

    Oh, and trust me, don't worry about the exposed hand.

    Spoiler: More details about that ^^^
    His becoming a robot comes in stages. After they get him built, certain things occur that lead them to do adjustments on him that gradually dial down his humanity until he's just a bot and a product. I really liked how they handled it.

    As for the hand...that plus his head, upper spine, and lungs are all that's left of him after the conversion. The scene with the mirror I mentioned involves them showing him the reality of his new situation by taking him APART while he watches until he's just his organic parts (in a protective casing) hanging there. It's actually hard to watch, but in a good way. And that hand? It's just hanging there when they do this. The arm is gone. I think they'd have gotten rid of the hand entirely if it weren't for Omnicorp's PR campaign to make him SEEM more human.
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