I watched this movie and really liked it. Like the OP said, this is not a "Turn Your Brain Off" sort of summer movie. I also agree it's a different movie from the original.

This remake plays well to 2014 sensibilities, not 1984 sensibilities (does this qualify as a pun?). Frankly, if I watched the original movie today, I'd feel like it's a comic book movie. I mean c'mon, some guy gets shot to bloody bits by a malfunctioning ED-209 in a corporate boardroom, and it doesn't matter and is never mentioned again? That's not realistic unless you put yourself into a comic book i.e. satirical mindset. This movie is not in that vein, except for the ending on the rooftop.

I didn't like the lead actor in the trailers, but grew to appreciate him in the movie. I think he did justice to the character.