For me, comparing New Robocop the old Robocop is entirely missing the point. Did it need a remake? No, probably not. But, here's the thing, the original Robocop is rated R. New Robocop is rated M (although other countries have rated it PG...M in Australia is basically PG but you have to be accompanied by an adult). This allows it to reach a wider audience. In a very real sense, New Robocop is not for fans of the original. New Robocop is a movie for people who haven't seen - or can't see - the original.

The gratuitous ultra-violence is gone. Because it's no longer the 80s. Robocop (and, to a lesser extent, Demolition Man) made the ultra-violence satire because they could. Now, in 2014, violent movies aren't really a thing that exists anymore - not in the mainstream, anyway. So, 2014-ocop can't 'satirise' ultra-violence like the original because there's nothing to satirise anymore.

Samuel L. Jackson's character is very clearly political satire, I also get the feeling that on weekends, that character goes out to beat up hippies.

If you liked 2014-ocop, see the original Robocop.
If you've seen the original Robocop, you are under no obligation at all to see 2014-ocop, and, if you do end up hating it, comparing it to the original is missing the point because of the 20-year gap in sensibilities and rating change make it impossible to compare the two.
You may as well compare Aliens and Toy Story.