If you asked me which is better, the Total Recall remake, the Fright Night remake, or the Robocop remake... I'd say the last one without question.

And it has nothing to do with the fact that Colin Farrel is in both of the worse ones. Robocop remake is simply better. It felt like it had a point in existing. It is different from the original, but not in a bad way.

Also, remakes are not intrinsically bad. Every Shakespeare play is constantly being "remade". Remakes are only bad, when they're bad.

And yes I know Samuel L Jackson's character is political satire. When I said "satire", I meant "a story whose plot and characters aren't supposed to be taken seriously, because the situation is too contrived, or the characters are too brain-dead, or they feel like cardboard rather than real people... but the film as a whole still works well because it's conveying satire not a realistic story." And take off any nostalgia goggles and that is the original Robocop: contrived unrealistic situations and cardboard characters.