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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesegear View Post
    Except that they aren't cynical cash-ins. If they were going for nostalgia, they'd make movies exactly the same, or they'd simply re-release the original remastered or in 3D - like with Jurassic Park last year - and then you wouldn't need a remake. I think the best remake so far that I've seen is Dredd, but, that's mostly because the original was kind of terrible.

    The other thing people seem to 'forget', does anyone even remember Robocop II and III, which were basically made for kids? People seem to forget that those movies happened.

    Compared to what 2014-ocop could have been, it's pretty much a masterpiece.

    That was the point I made earlier. 2014-ocop is not for you. It's for 12-17 year-olds in 2014. Not for people who were 16 in 1987. As far as I'm concerned, 2014-ocop is a remake done exactly correctly.
    1. Dredd was not a remake, it was a reboot. That's what happens with francises, just like Batman or Superman.

    2. Um no. You are misremembering. RC II was BLOODIER and MORE VIOLENT than the first one, including graphic images of 12 year old drug dealer murdering people, and a murderous cyborg slaughtering tens of civilians and at least three times as many cops.
    The THIRD one was the child-friendly one, though.

    3. ANd hence my point: Why remake Robocop if you are not going to remake robocop? Why not call it something completely different? If it has nothing to do with the original?
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