I thought it was a good movie. Maybe not great but good enough. Better than the recent Total Recall definitely.

The political bits were rather ham-handed courtesy of Samuel Jackson, but maybe that was the point. I suppose they had to tie it to current affairs i.e drones. Maybe someone from the States would relate better to that. The "all-powerful megacorp" angle was downplayed, which is probably for the best.

The process where Murphy responds to his transformation, and their attempts to further "roboticise" him were pretty good in my view. When they take him apart and there's practically nothing left...that was suitably creepy.

Tying RoboCop to individuals living with prostheses was...interesting. It's nothing like any prosthesis technology that exists in the real world, but hey it's science fiction. And exploring how humans respond to technology is a big part of science fiction anyway.

Personally I felt that after the Surrogates movie (whose ultimate message seemed terribly old-fashioned*), it was good to have a cyborg protagonist who isn't considered "less" because he is 90% machine. At the end of the movie he is reunited with his family and seemingly on the way to continuing his life as RoboCop. With the old-school RoboCop design no less.

* I know that living via remote robot is not the same as being a cyborg, but the main point of Surrogates seemed to be that you're not really alive unless you're experiencing things with your natural 100% organic human body...ugh.