This movie is Y. I watched both Robocop 1 and 2....Robocop 2014 didn't need to exist.

You can describe the movie by describing the Robocop:

1 is very tight and nearly perfect, with barely a chink in the perfect armor. Its human, yet bloody and filled with heart and conviction.

2 is very powerful, and in some ways more powerful than 1, but it just doesn't come together as well. Its not as tight, and at its core its insane (For the good or the ill). Overall its pretty powerful on its own.

3: Shlock with whatever was child friendly at the time. There is no robocop 3, so the Ninjas just count as them. AKA shlock.

2014: Its sleeker, its more agile and sharp....but its just missing the point 90% of the time. Its just like any other action hero, lacking everything that made 1 very unique. Its attempts at being darker and edgier feel flatter and more "Topical". Wherein 1s design feels universal, 2014s design feels very much in "Now" but will be forgotten in a decade or so.

Compare fighting styles: 1 is a tank. It moves slowly with a noticable PUMPH with every footstep. He takes careful aim and relies on his armor to protect him whilst he does so.

2014 is doing slick action **** on wires and with bucket-loads of CGI just like everybody else.