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To me it's easy:
Dredd etc is based in another media. Like Spider Man or Hulk. That's a reboot, when you disregard the previous movie and instead draw new inspiration from the source.

A remake is when you redo something that is original. Like Robocop, or Predator or Finding Nemo.

So Amazing Spider Man is a reboot.
Why does it require a change in media to distinguish between reboot and remake? If they make a comic book Robocop series in the new Robocop world, its a reboot of an old comic series since both were originally based on a movie?

Personally I always felt reboot was more the term to use when you're starting the story over but using the same "universe" (e.g., new Star Trek). Remakes just tend to make me feel like they're supposed to be far more closely related to the original with new actors new effects but effectively the same story (e.g., Peter Jackson's King Kong or The Departed).

Now granted even using that logic I'm not really sure where I'd place this new Robocop. The villains motivation is completely different in this movie than in the original. However, there are still a lot of similarities as well between the two.