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Hm, can't see much in it, sorry. No real advance of story. I was somewhat surprised of panel 7, the discussion in the first six panels didn't seem so heated to me, but whatever. I really do not like the font (said it before) and I'm not getting used to it.

Could anyone make sense of the "free-deep" sound in the last panels? (He has some strange onomatopoeia here... like the "fer-durrrrp" in comic 7.)
That is just frogs. I figured that out myself, and I don't even have a degree! Yes, they should have continued when mysterious woman stopped moving but I'll chalk that up to inexperience on the authors' part.

As for the "fer-derrrp" sound, compare to here and here. In both Goblins and Erfworld I can hear the sound of the horn in my head as I read the comic.

I got a kick out of the "Tardy Elves" joke.

I didn't want to believe that the woman in the last several panels was Jillian. Even though he seems more competent than Zapp Brannigan, Ansom still gives me the creeps. Yech. After reading the posts here and looking again several times at the comic I guess that it is Jillian. Gawds, I hope she doesn't have a thing for that jerk! Heck, I like Stanley better than Ansom so far.