I just saw the movie, and I thought it was pretty good. I'd need to re-watch the original RoboCop to make a comparison between the two, although I note that the new one feels as much like Ghost in the Shell as what I remember of the original movie.

If I was to make one big critique, it was that a lot of the decisions by the main company in the movie were quite, well, dumb. It's not even that the decisions were necessarily bad by themselves, but the reasoning for the decisions ended up considerably stupid. For example (spoilers, obviously):
They run Alex Murphy through a simulator, comparing RoboCop's reactions to that of one of their robots. The results are that the human reactions are not as precise and too cautious compared to the robot, and so are not "adequate." Why? The whole point of the RoboCop project is to get an OmniCorp model on U.S. streets to get people familiar with it and more accepting of it. What does it matter how poorly it performs compared to a robot?

This is especially a problem when there is one good in-story reason for the change: high emotions cause problems with the brain-robotics interface, and cause it not to operate properly. Alex Murphy could have simply been experiencing trauma during the simulator, which would cause problems with his whole body. The end result - making the robot take over during combat situations - would've been the same, but for a sensible reason.

Another point: why download the entire police database into his head just minutes before a nationwide press release? It makes no sense for a corporation to do something like that, especially when the entire company is so focused on that good first impression. Again, simply having the download perhaps a day beforehand - even earlier than that, given how emotional Alex is about it - would have worked, with them lowering his dopamine for the (unable to cancel) press conference and the same end result.

Overall, I did like the character in RoboCop. What he went through was an interesting look at the whole man-machine idea, although with the political satire throughout. However, a lot of the company's decisions were just so stupid throughout the movie. And it wasn't a "I'm greedy and not thinking of consequences" stupidity. Rather, it's more "What sane person would decide that?" times of holding the idiot ball.