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    I have some constwuctive cwiticism.


    The artwork is great, but is being ruined by the filetype it is being saved in. *.JPG is really screwing with the picture, I don't no what the technical term is, but I think "noise" is the term that closely resembles the problem. Around the details of the artwork, little static-like noise bleeds into the solid colors. The image quality is lowered overall because of *.JPG compression algorithm.

    Saving the comic from Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop in a better format, like *.GIF, would dramatically improve the image quality, especially when increasing or decreasing the size of the artwork. *.GIF is the format the Giant uses for OoTS, and doesn't mess with the solid colors at all. It will also help the comic from losing the little details that are somewhat obscured, like the fact that offscreen speaker's speech bubbles are outlined in black, or the small details jami draws.

    I also think the colors were off on Jillian for the last few panels in the strip. This might be the reason some people didn't realise that was Jillian at first, and it is not because those readers were dimwitted in any way. It could be an optical illusion, since the perception a color will change when surrounded by different colors. More likely, it is the jpeg format causing more problems.


    It was already mentioned, but I will draw another red circle around it. From reading your other comics, I know that pclips likes to experiment and try to break new ground. However, when it comes to onomatopoeia, like the free-deep for night ambience, I think sticking to cliche will work in your favor.
    Using already established sound words, like ribbit in this instance, would really help with reader comprehension. The reader should only be confused when you want them to be confused. You could still make new ones, but it would be better to use new ones to get a specific sound from a standard object (like a sword) or to establish a new sound from a new source (like a dwagon).


    I am enjoying the story so far. I like the contrast between the cuteness factor and the seriousness of the situation and morbid humour. My vocabulary feels limited when I try to think up a good way to describe it. The idea that the word "dwagon" invoked a level of fear from Ansom was hilarious. This is a good parody of any fantasy, which try to have really cool enemies or symbols. What does Ansom have for his army? A strawberry! The main baddy and his henchmen are about to be beaten to a pulp... by fruit!

    Also, the artwork is fantastic! The deep,dark shadows on the otherwise cute little munchkins really compliments what I said earlier, the contrast between the cute names of creatures and the serious reality of their danger to the heroes. A few bits of artwork stand out from the rest. My favorite so far is the first panel in this comic. I would really like to see a blow up of this artwork.

    EDIT: For more evidence supporting the change to the *.GIF filtype, if you look at the Index banner and compare it to the same picture in this comic, I think you can see the Index banner has smoother color, and it is saved in gif format. It is especially noticeable on Manpower's uncroaked forehead.
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