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I didn't want to believe that the woman in the last several panels was Jillian. Even though he seems more competent than Zapp Brannigan, Ansom still gives me the creeps. Yech. After reading the posts here and looking again several times at the comic I guess that it is Jillian. Gawds, I hope she doesn't have a thing for that jerk! Heck, I like Stanley better than Ansom so far.
I'm guessing we're looking at a situation where lines like "the offer to meet in my tent is valid until sunrise" aren't as incredibly inappropriate as they sound out of context - longtime friends, or perhaps a male-dominated culture where Ansom can get away with crappy pickup lines and even expect them to work sometimes.

These are my explanations for why he didn't get smacked with that unrealistically oversized weapon of hers, at least.