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Overall, I did like the character in RoboCop. What he went through was an interesting look at the whole man-machine idea, although with the political satire throughout. However, a lot of the company's decisions were just so stupid throughout the movie. And it wasn't a "I'm greedy and not thinking of consequences" stupidity. Rather, it's more "What sane person would decide that?" times of holding the idiot ball.
I completely agree. The most aggravating thing is, as you pointed out, that the script only needed to be changed slightly so that the company does not seem to be making dumb decisions, but with the same scripted consequences to play out in the movie. They can still want to numb Murphy down, he can still have his breakdown episode, but without it all due to avoidable stupidity.

My personal pet peeve on "unrealistically stupid decisions" would be the actions of the evil CEO at the end of the movie.
What pampered fat cat CEO would try to have a shootout with a cyborg cop bent on arresting him, at that stage of the game? Or aggravate him by pointing a gun at bystanders? That seems like unrealistic evil bravado just so the movie can have an excuse for a quick clean ending. Any real corrupt bastard CEO would simply capitulate at the first sign of real personal danger, and then let his crack cadre of elite lawyers have at the case. He'll get off with a wrist slap. Maybe OCP might let him go, or he might resign with crocodile tears, but it'll be with a golden parachute.