Constructive criticism of the constructive criticism! (Maybe)

"I have some constwuctive cwiticism."

That hurts.

"The artwork is great, but is being ruined by the filetype it is being saved in."
Bingo! It's the fault of using a lower JPEG 'quality' setting. The distortions are called "artifacts", and no, I don't know the trivia behind that. I don't believe the setting wouldn't need to be increased much in order to make the comic look much better.

GIF may not be the best format for this comic since it has so many colors. GIF only supports 256 colors at the most in an image, and, while it can pick any 256 colors rather than from a definite pallette, 256 colors is not even close to sufficient for an image that makes widespread use of gradients.

"However, when it comes to onomatopoeia, like the free-deep for night ambience, I think sticking to cliche will work in your favor."
I believe that the problem had more to do with the visual representation of the sound than the sound itself. The way that particular sound was displayed, it appeared to be in the foreground rather than in background one. Since the only thing in the foreground was Jillian (or, to some extent, the tent), it was only natural that many read it to be her shoes, despite knowing that it was a very odd sound for shoes.

Another issue might be the inconsistency. Pigeons go 'Coo', the Arkenhammer is perfectly comfortable going 'CRACK!', and Wanda makes plenty of 'step' sounds, but when she stops, her shoes 'balk' instead of 'screech' or 'squeek'. It only makes sense because the word is drawn the same way as the rest of Wanda's shoe sounds.

Similarly, the Captain's horn goes 'FER-DURRRP' and Wanda's iTome goes 'quack'.
Neither make much sense alone, but their placement associates them unmistakeably with their according sources.

Moving on to the next post....

"These are my explanations for why he didn't get smacked with that unrealistically oversized weapon of hers, at least."
Hmm. At first it seemed out of character that Jillian would consider his proposal, but now that you mention it.... If they did have history, it makes so much more sense. Problem is, there wasn't an indication of that kind of emotion in the dialogue. Or, rather, there wasn't enough of it. Ansom's surprised reaction wasn't sufficient, and Jillian's response seemed fitting enough: she would rather dissapoint his ego than overreact (by bludgeoning poor 'Ansom).

That, and her changing into such comfortable clothing while planning to bivouac in the open field was so utterly unexpected that I entirely dismissed it being her while viewing the comic. I'm of the firm opinion that one has no right to call him or herself a barbarian if one does not enjoy sleeping in armor!