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If the .png doesn't balloon the file size, it'd be the perfect choice.
If it does, the .jpg compression 'quality' can be upped, which will look almost as good.

The Goblins comic gets away with .jpg images that are significantly larger than Erfworld's, but are almost free of artifacts.

.PNG does balloon the file size, something like 400 percent. Unfortunately. With GiantITP's bandwidth usage, it's not a practical option to have each page be 800KB in size, sorry.

We all took a look at this before launch. Palletted file formats like .GIF were just not going to work with such a broad range of colors and Jami's use of gradients and pattern fills, etc. .JPG at 20 percent compression was just the best of all bad compromises.

We also thought about a wider comic, but to fit into GiantITP's design layout, this size was optimal. People would complain about sidescrolling, otherwise. This also plays to the font issue. There have been one or two complaints about the font but believe me, it is the best option for scaling down of some 40 different font options I looked at.

But keep up all this great feedback. It does get read, and it does help: positive and negative. Some of the concerns and confusion may lead to updated versions of pages. I'm especially looking at revisiting the FREE-DEEP SFX and making those clearer. Thanks, all!