For those still wondering about the elves: The Lofty Elves are clearly the Vanyar, the Shady Elves are the Noldor, and the Tardy Elves are the Teleri. You lot all fail, back to Tolkien for Geeks 099 with you.

I also had two comments about the artwork.

First, I think that having character noses disappear at medium to long distances looks very odd. Humans cue off faces for a lot of information, so having major details of the face disappear in one panel and then reappear in the next throws me off. I would suggest that you either always draw noses (even if only as a little squiggle), or always leave them out.

Second, I was one of the people who had difficulty telling that it was Jillian in the last four panels until I read this thread. She was missing her Big Sword (tm), and I think that was what did it, as I kind of picture the sword as part of her character. It might help to make sure that prominent features of the character (Jillian's sword, Ansom's armor, Wanda's robe, Stanley's beard, etc) are always shown when the character is at a distance or could be ambiguously identified. Or it might have been the nose thing again, I think Jillian has her nose drawn in every panel she appears in before that set of four.

Love the comic so far, keep up the good work.

P.S. Will we get to see Elmo singing to the Tardy Elves at some point? Pretty please?