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    Quote Originally Posted by Jorkens View Post
    You kind of have to take anything as what it is, though. If you find that the surreal / absurd elements of the comic stop you taking the story seriously that's fair enough - although personally I can get on fine with it and I liked the plot and character development in this installment - but saying that you've decided it should have jokes and therefore it's rubbish if it doesn't seems slightly egotistical.

    I'm not sure that there was even one actual real gag in this installment. But part of the reason I'm liking the comic so far is that the humour is a bit more subtle than a series of punchlines - there's an undercurrent of absurdist details in the setting that I'm finding really enjoyable.
    I think he meant it from a first person point of view.

    I love Erfworld, it easily came into my top ten list ever by the first six pages, but the last page was kinda tardy, yeah.
    Strange onomatepoeie (couldn't figure if everyone was waking up or still going to bed, think they're going to bed now) if the man had been hitting on her or not and besides it was just uninteresting, so there's Prince Ansom and the warlord Jillian, there might be potential romance between them. I'm not heavily enough invested in the comic to care about that sort yet.

    Rest of the comic was decent.

    I don't know about Stanley being chauvinist and Ansom not being competent, I think it's reading too much into it. Stanley seems like a strong leader and Ansom has brought a wide-ranging coalition together, fought Stanley to his capital and ransomed Jillian a lot of times.

    I'm left with the impression that Stanley is a competent evil overlord, Wanda is a great caster and managerial competent, Ansom has a high diplomacy rating and Jillian is good at fighting.
    I favor team Plaid, by a bucketload of kerosene, another one of lighter fluid, some galsoline and coal.

    Fre-deeep is FROGS? Nice detail on them stopping but I believe the ambient sound of the likely amount of frogs would compensate for that.

    I'm surprised people didn't know it was Jillian though.
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