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Also, I really, really hope Jillian doesn't wind up falling for Ansom. I'm preparing myself to hate him as it is.
I agree with you. I think he is the good guy but he gives me the creeps. Part of the problem is that I'm already attached to Wanda and view this guy as the "enemy". Things are starting to make a little bit more sense, but what surprises me are the little details that give this Erfworld more depth than I was expecting from a "game comic". I really loved these two last comics (#7 and #8), although #7 really needs #8 to make sense.

It's incredible how I felt attached to Jillian so fast. I was surprised by the fact that people didn't notice it was Jillian in the last panels. The pause in the "fwog" sound is perfect and for dramatic effect. Jillian is making a choice and there should be nothing else to distract the readers/viewers. The frogs are still making their sounds, it's just that the moment is special and only Jillian's decision matters, so sound is off. The perspectives are also well chosen. Those four last panels are pretty good, they are economic in terms of plot-time, yet convey Jillian's inner struggle for decision in such a sublime way.