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    Here is the updated Amulet of Fowl Language

    Amulet of Fowl Language: This White Gold Amulet has a ruby chicken embedded in the center of it. Once a day, the wearer can turn any corporeal opponent into a chicken for 5 minutes.The opponent retains its own hit points and can understand all languages it had but cannot speak. Otherwise, it appears to be a normal chicken. In addition, the amulet allows the wearer to understand any bird, but not magical creatures.

    Moderate transmutation; CL 10; Craft Wondrous Item; baleful polymorph, speak with animals; price 8,800 gp

    Egg of Good Luck: This golden colored egg grants a +2 luck bonus on saving throws vs. Transmutation spells.

    Faint evocation; CL 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, divine favor; Price 2,000 gp.

    Cockatrice is based on chicken. I have statted up some magical chickens [dire fighting chicken, fiendish dire fighting chicken, and dire fighting rooster] as well. You can see them if you click on my creations in my signature.

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