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    Hey there folks, welcome back one and all! I wanted to start this OOC off right by adding a bit of side-along functionality to it. Since there was mentions of IRC chats last time, I feel that now is the best time to make a dedicated Nexus/FFRP IRC channel that people can use for the swift arranging, discussion, and clarification of scenes and plots along with the more stable OOC.

    So in order to do that, I'm going to lay out how to use IRC (Internet Relay Chat) in as simple a form as I know, as well as mention a few other known options for you guys to look up and decide if you want to use.

    Spoiler: Getting into IRC through Mibbit
    The most browser-friendly, non-installation, non-sign-up site for IRC I've found is, and getting into the Nexus chat from it is going to be pretty simple for anyone who wants to try it.

    Firstly, on the main page for the site there's a Launch App link that will take you to a page that looks like this:

    The link may be partially obscured, depending on what browser you use, but that's just a site quirk and it should always be clickable. Now let's look at some of this page's options.

    The Connect dropdown menu brings you to a list of different IRC servers that the client can connect to. In this case, Sorcery is the one being used. If you want to connect manually instead of scrolling down the list, then you can click the Server option and type into the provided bar. The same thing applies to other servers. Though their direct URLS may not follow the irc.[servername].net formula, it's likely they will.

    Next you need to decide on your Nick, or nickname for use in the channel. Nicks are floating things, and used server-wide, so your nick might not always be available unless you register it, and registering it comes with some side benefits, but requires you input a password when you log in to verify you own that nick. If there's enough demand for that I'll explain nickname registration and other irc commands in another post.

    And after that, all you need to do to get started is input the channel name, prefaced with a #. In this case it will be #gitpnexus which means by the end your screen should look similar to this before you click Connect:

    EDIT: And as a recent addition, thanks to Lost for his help for people on Android devices:
    Quote Originally Posted by Lost_Deep View Post
    For those who want to use AndroIRC:

    Spoiler: Lost's Guide to andro IRC
    Upper-right corner, options. First thing first, right? Nickname lets you choose what your name is, while 'Alternative' lets you choose the next best thing. I'd recommend setting both.

    Servers: add new server. Name doesn't matter, I'd recommend "Sorcery." Address is the important part, it's "" The rest should be fine blank, but I'd recommend checking Auto-Connect.

    Channels: Choose Sorcery, add a channel. Put in #gitpnexus (THE # IS NEEDED), and again I would recommend Auto-join. There is no password, so leave that blank.

    Note that Andro IRC does not support text customization as far as I can tell. There's a little color chooser in the corner, but that only applies per message.
    Trillian also has an IRC chat function, if you already use that for other types of chatting, and I hear that pidgin is serviceable and preferred by a few people. If you go to's site, there are FAQs detailing various commands you can input into IRC, as well as a very basic chat function there under the chatnow tab.

    Spoiler: A Fair Warning to All
    This channel will be moderated, and will abide by the rules of the forum. Please don't think to go there looking to start trouble, approach it with an open mind as a tool to aid roleplaying and help foster understanding. Moderators will come from people who join up and want to learn how to use IRC to its fullest in order to help keep it a place people want to keep coming back to.

    To those who aren't interested in instant message chatting, don't have the time for it, or don't wish to get caught up in another distraction, let us know and we'll try to arrange things to where you're caught up on some of the goings on. I say we because I'm certainly not qualified to keep everyone appraised of everything on my own, so I'll be recruiting other operators and channel-goers to help me with that.

    And as a TLDR for those who already know how IRC works: We have a channel called #gitpnexus on now.

    IRC stuff over, FFRP stuff beginning after the break.

    And because I'm taking a more active role in FFRP starting now, or trying to at least, is there anyone who might be interested in a plot based around condensed, evaporated dreamstuff that begins making people's dreams come true in a literal and possibly hilarious way? Let me know so I can get a good idea of what scale I should begin planning the plot for.
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