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Playground Squares? Ha! I have tables everywhere, including two small schedule tables in post two and two huge ones in post 8 of the Werewolf Central OP.

I'm just hoping that it'll be a lot easier than it's sounding. If it's anything like Myth-Weavers tables, I'm certain to not be happy. For a little while at least.
I can't say if it will be easy for you or not. But if you have a basic table without any fancy stuff (the most critical being presumably spanning columns), then it should be rather easy.

Basically you only need to replace your newlines with " [/TD][/TR][TR][TD] " and your " | " with " [/TD][TD] " and start the table with "{TABLE="class:grid"][TR][TD] " and close it with " [/TD][/TR][/TABLE] ". And while that looks maybe rather horrifying for some, Rawhide said that there will be a editor tool that will help you with creating tables. So you shouldn't need to worry about remember that stuff any time soon. You basically should only need it if you don't want to use the editor or maybe if you're trying to do more fancy stuff than the editor provides. But this case is true even with the current table version.

If your table is a an easy to change one, these changes are rather easy to apply with search & replace and copy/paste stuff a basic text editor should offer. So the best approach to update a table is copy the table code to a text editor, replace those stuff and see if it works (and than try to fix or if you think you can't fix it somehow to use the table editor to and copy the content of the table. Or ask others forumites nicely if they can do for you, especially if they participating in that thread.) But since it doesn't need to work that easy with more complicated tables (e.g. I'm not sure if that approach would work with nested tables. And since there is no option for spanning columns [at least right now] there is just no way to port that directly.)

It doesn't even matter if you do some linebreaks or other whitespace between cell tags any more, so you can put each table cell in a separate line if you want. Or if you want you could put your entire table in one line. You can use whitespace between table cells/rows however you like. There is only a switch of the delimiter used (+ a small change of available options/renaming some of the carried over options). Others have said that there even should be a TH tag that can be used instead of TD to represent a table header cell. [Which also should be equally valid to be used in any row or only for certain cells in a single row. But I'm not 100% certain on that, so don't get mad at me if it doesn't work.] The ="class:grid" isn't strictly required, but is needed if you want a table grid (like it is the current default. In fact you actually gain the ability to do tables without a grid if you prefer.)

[As for "Myth-Weavers tables": I found a quick tutorial on their Wiki, and it uses a different code. For example you will not need to specify which table row/column a certain TD tag is or specify how many rows/columns your table will have at the beginning. Though I have to say the option to specify for each cell which row/column it is can enable quite neat stuff, since you aren't forced to have the same order in your post as you want in your table. Though for forum usage it is most likely overkill.]

Also I just thought that the boarder-less table could allow some fun stuff with signatures, since it could be a workaround to have some left-centered stuff and right centered stuff in the same line [The more I think about this change the more I like it! ]