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This is a seven page thread dedicated to giving Jean Valjean advice about how he could have gotten away with stealing that loaf of bread without going to prison, despite the fact that going to prison was a neceassary catalyst for the story to progress as it did.
It's a seven page thread that treats the works as living and vibrant by suggesting that there were resources and alternate plans that could have led to a different story. It's a seven page thread that gives agency to the actions of individual characters like Miko, Hinjo, and Redcloak by directly attributing the success or failure of a massive undertaking to them.

To suggest that it's useless because this is the only story The Giant wanted to tell is, imo, insulting to the Giant. The thread exists because in telling the story, he did such a good job that we can clearly identify the major turning points and imagine how things might have been different. That's critical to the creation of a feeling of drama.