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Thread: Good and Bad Qualities of the Main Cast

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    Default Good and Bad Qualities of the Main Cast

    Feel free to add and post to whatever you like.

    My personal opinions:

    Lord Stanley the Plaid
    Strong (personality)/Minority/Evil?/A child of his age
    --//--/Minority/Evil?/A child of his age

    The Arkenhammer
    Sense of humour
    Bad timing

    Chief Croakamancer Wanda Firebaugh
    Intelligent/Apt use of Modern Technology
    Loose lips sink ships/Bad use of expletives

    Prince Ansom
    Respectful (Would undoubtedly not continue inviting Jillian if she told him not to. Yep, I made this whole thread to point that out. :) This is such a nice subsection of the forums.)
    Overly caring of favorite subjects. (He wanted to send a hero and his bats at Dwagons??)

    Warlord Jillian Zamussels
    Yellow Hair, Kickass
    Thin Armour, (& combo?) Barbarian

    Henchman Bogroll
    Fat, Prosy, Lack of dress
    Lack of depth-vision, also makes for a large target, prosy
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