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    To clarify for other consumers of this thread, Fists of Iron does not stack with Improved Natural Attack, or any other method of adding virtual size category increases to the monk's attacks. The reason for this is two-fold:

    1) Fists of Iron already includes an auto-stacking feature that unlocks as you level up. It's my intent in d20 Remix that you SHOULD NOT NEED to spend feat after feat on the same darn thing over and over again just to keep your abilities relevant as you level up.

    2) The remixed monk deals great damage right out of the box, and allowing a player to stack damage increases from every source under the sun could enable construction of a broken character that deals too much damage to fit within a balanced party.

    Community request: Can anyone point me towards a resource telling me how to make all my tables work under the new forum? They all seem to be broken and I have dozens of them to repair across all my homebrew.
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