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    "I'm sorry I didn't bring more parchment."

    "I'm sorry we didn't bring kindling."

    "And I'm sorry I didn't bring more booze," said Elsa, grabbing her half-empty bottle of brandy from her backpack, "but we should get at least a few gulps each." She took a large swallow of brandy and passed the bottle to Sieghard, to her right. "Pass it along. Might as well finish it."

    Elsa only

    Elsa stared in shock at the black liquid that seeped from the walls and ate away Sieghard's hand. At the back of her mind, her reason told her this might be only a vision brought by the Aethyr. This did nothing to reassure her; when her witch-sight saw horror, the real horror was never too far, be it in terms of distance or time. Dread mounted within her. Wolf-riding goblins, would-be ambushers, overzealous enforcers, even witch-hunters, she could deal with; they all burned equally well. If dark magic was at work, though, there was no fireball hot enough to save her.

    The whisper. What is that whisper?

    She rolled over to Sieghard. Her hand closed like a vise around his to make sure it was still made of flesh.

    She's grabbing him tightly enough to wake him up, provided his hand didn't actually turn skeletal, but I'll let you include him in the next spoiler tag.
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    Oh wow. I will never again underestimate [our characters'] ability to turn friendly conversation into a possible life or death situation.
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