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Going to do a Holy Deity for once xD

Celestine, Goddess of the Morning Light
Played By: Muja
Domains and Portfolios: Sun (Dawn), Community (Fellowship)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Description: Celestine is often portrayed as the visage of a beautiful woman, skin aglow with the comforting light of an early dawn. upon her skin rests magnificent runes in an unknown language, bringing about feelings of humbleness and deference to all of her flock. Surrounding her are golden halos of pure flame, forming intricate patterns that both shield her from harm as well as smiting those that show malice to her creations.

Celestine is the Propagator of Kinship, of bonds that are not easily broken. None can break a agreement that is sworn in her name, however when agreements are fulfilled that bring about change for the good then Celestine makes sure it benefits all those involved. her goals are simple: Bring about harmony in this ravenous world
Spoiler: Appearance

Credit to Johndowson
Seems like people would swear an oath on Celestine? I like it. Approved.