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Thread: Lords of Creation: Ancients of the Void

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    Played By: Xunthrae
    Named: Thysia
    Domains and portfolios: Beauty and Music.
    Alignment: CG
    Description: Thysia is depicted as a beautiful woman. Atop her head rests a delicate circlet made of a gleaming silvery material. No matter the race depicting her, Thysia's eyes are always of the purist white, rimmed with black around her iris. Her hair is a luscious pale blue. The other gods and goddesses she is often seen without clothing, but it is not peculiar to see her in ornate dresses or ceremonial garments.


    Played By: Xunthrae
    Named: Mersahj
    Domains: Water (Oceans) and Life (Aquatic)
    Alignment: CN
    Description: Mersahj's upper body looks to be that of a beautiful woman, except her skin is covered in tiny, teal iridescent scales, her hands are webbed and a large crown of fins adorns her head. She has two sets of obvious gills, large ones running along her ribs and another pair on her neck. Her lower half changes between that of an octopus, with 8 large tentacles, and that of a tail, perfect for swift swimming.

    Not sure which of the two I want to go, both could be fun.

    Edit: Maybe instead of Life (Aquatic) she could have Air (storms) or something like that if there is no life yet.
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